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About Us

Over the past 40 years American Shotcrete has built a quality reputation for being the best in the business throughout the state of Arizona.

Our experienced professionals are extensively trained in the shotcrete industry and understand every aspect of the business. When choosing American Shotcrete you are not only making the right choice, you are choosing dedicated shotcrete professionals.

American Shotcrete specializes in the application of shotcrete as high durability structural material for foundations, basements, tunnels, drainage, and swimming pools. Applied through an ultra-velocity feeder gun, damp concrete is sprayed on a surface and then trowel smoothed or textured and shaped by a trained professional contractor.

Gunite on the same note, is similar to shotcrete but mixed with 1 part cement and 4 parts sand, making the concrete dry, and is typically used for repairing and refractory installations. American Shotcrete provides the Valley of the Sun with industry-leading shotcrete application and service, and is capable of any sized job or project.

Our staff consists of ASA-certified examiners, trainers and nozzlemen. Ensure the integrity of any structure or facility by partnering with American Shotcrete for your next build, remodel or restoration project. We specialize in shot swimming pools. We lay and cure foundational concrete better than any other contractor in Arizona.

When force is applied, shotcrete can withstand nearly 7,000 psi after curing. Structural concrete sprayed from the guns of American Shotcrete yields countless benefits when used as a structural material.

  • When cured properly, the hardened properties of shotcrete is comparable to casted concrete
  • High in strength
  • Tremendous bonding ability
  • Quicker to apply than traditional cast-in-place concrete
  • Durable
  • Can be shaped and sized

As a family owned and operated company, we guarantee your complete satisfaction and quality products at a fair price.